19 - 21 July 2022

Bulk Materials Handling Workshop

Materials Handling Science in the Design & Selection of Equipment

When: 20 July 2022, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Resources Centre of Excellence
65 Crichtons Rd, Paget QLD 4740

To register, email Priscilla Grassi Freire at Priscilla.Freire@newcastle.edu.au or Danielle Harris at danielle.harris@newcastle.edu.au .

LO1 – Introduction to flow Properties Testing for Design of Materials Handling Systems (Shaun Reid, TUNRA Bulk Solids - 30 minutes)

  • Introduction to TUNRA Bulk Solids
  • Sampling and moisture considerations
  • Overview of flow properties testing and their application to design
  • Reflections on calibration procedures for Discrete Element Modelling 

LO2 - Introduction to balance machine types (Matt Coleman, FLSmidth - 30 minutes)

  • Introduction to FLSmidth
  • Discuss current capital projects that FLSmidth are involved in.
  • Basic machine types in Australia and the selection process. 

LO3 – Transfer Chute Design Principles (Shaun Reid, TUNRA Bulk Solids - 30 minutes)

  • Verify and discuss the “10 Commandments of Transfer Chute Design.”
  • Reiterate the design principles and their intrinsic connection to chute design. 

LO4 – Machine Operating Parameters > NCIG Terminal Ship loading Chute Case Study (Matt Coleman, FLSmidth - 30 minutes)

  • Importance of agreed machine operating parameters
  • Consequence of operating outside of parameters
  • Fault discovery/detection
  • Risk mitigation techniques
  • Revised solution to meet the client’s requirements