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The Monthly Mining News Roundup - August

Here's our mining news roundup for August 2020


The Monthly Mining News Roundup - July

Here's our mining news roundup for July 2020

  • Daunia coal mine set to receive 34 autonomous trucks
  • Mount Mackenzie completes pit optimisation and life of mine scheduling
  • Aeris commits $13mil at Cracow gold mine for longer life
  • New Century achieves 22% increase in zinc metal production
  • Adani awards contract to Mackay-based G&S Engineering with 200 jobs to be supported
  • Thiess awarded five-year contract extension
  • Adani has kicked off work on the box-cut for its Carmichael coal mine
  • BHP achieves record production at the Caval Ridge and Poitrel coal mines

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - June

Here's our mining news roundup for June 2020

  • Figures highlight mining industry strength
  • Hastings Deering to offer 40 apprenticeship positions
  • Adani awards Queensland-based BMD with $350 million-plus contract
  • Macmahon secures contract extension to continue for an additional three years
  • Vitrinite advances Vulcan Mine plans
  • Glencore receives special status for QLD coal project
  • BMA has annouunced $2.3mil in funding to turn regional Queenslanders into budding industry professionals
  • Legislatio introduced to improve mine rehabilitation and create jobs 
  • BMA creates 44 new roles

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - May

Here's our mining news roundup for May 2020

  • Mackay hosts new mine trading academy for 250 new BHP apprentices & trainees
  • Century mine maintains June quarter guidance
  • State Government releases explorer package to boost resource jobs
  • Mining proves its importance to the Australian economy
  • Pembroke Resources receives mine approval for their coal project
  • Queensland mining sector makes another great contribution
  • Adani to provide jobs for six graduates
  • North Queennsland's resources sector creates much-needed employment

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - April

Here's our mining news roundup for April 2020

  • Resolute Mining produces 5,470 ounces more than the previous quarter
  • Metro Mining recommences operations at Bauxite Hills mine
  • QLD miners offer spare seat to local essential service workers and people in need of urgent travel
  • 600 new jobs expected as Adani awards contract to Martinus
  • Anglo American & Komatsu plants 9000 trees to revitalise old mines
  • BHP eases strain on local health facilities by establishing test centres
  • Mining exports drive Australian trade

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - March

Here's our mining news roundup for March 2020

  • Australia's resources sector continues to expand with increased employment to nearly 250,000 jobs
  • Exploration budgets in the Australian mining industry has risen by 15%
  • Curragh expansion plan well underway
  • Australian universities among world's best mining schools
  • Anglo American providing eight new entry-level trainee underground coal miner roles for women
  • Autonomous excavators now onsite across the Surat Basin
  • Queensland to set up new safety body for miners
  • Queensland resources sector in strong position to maintain production and employment

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - February

Here's our mining news roundup for February 2020

  • Glencore achieves 21% increase in lead production
  • Queensland Government releases more than 7000 square kilometres of land for coal exploration
  • Gladstone welcomes $200m alumina plant delivering 100 new jobs
  • BMA recruits largest intake of local apprentices
  • New Century expected boost overall zinc production by 33%
  • Major vanadium prospect declared prescribed QLD project
  • QLD receives boost for exploration of new economy minerals
  • BMA announces $5m STEM program for QLD schools

The Monthly Mining News Roundup - January

Here's our mining news roundup for January 2020

  • National Group expands fleet with six Cat D11 dozers
  • Rio Tinto boosts Amrun bauxite output as iron ore dips
  • New Century on track for zinc mine expansion
  • Downer EDI secures mining contract for Stanwell Coal Mine allowing the mine to operate for another five years
  • New Century achieves record zinc production